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Carl Steenburn and sister Ann


PLEASANTVILLE MANUFACTURING COMPANY has been building reproductions of the original Model A designed by Ford and manufactured by Murray Body Company, as well as, Model T depot hacks since 1979.   Our bodies will bolt to your straight cowl and running gear for 1928 – 1931 Model A & 1908 – 1927 Model T cars.


We build seven wood bodies for:

1929 Model-A Station Wagon 150A

1930-31 Model-A Station Wagon 150B

1931 Model-A Special Delivery 255A

1928-31 Model-A Huskster

1908-27 Model-T Depot-Hack

1908-27 Model-T Open Express

1908-27 Model-T Huskster



1930-31 Model-A Station Wagon - 150B


Written by
Nancy A. Steenburn

The year is 1979.  Can you smell it?  Maple, birch, basswood, and red oak planks being planed, shaped, and sanded.  Can you see them?  Frames, doors, roofs, tailgates, and more ready for assembly.  There they are!  Reproductions of the original Model A designed by Ford and manufactured by Murray Body Company, as well as, Model T depot hacks.  

PLEASANTVILLE MANUFACTURING COMPANY began as an idea that Kenneth Steenburn had to build a depot hack body for the Model T he just bought.  It was just an idea but it grew into a “what if” he discussed with his son, Carl Steenburn.  What if old car enthusiasts like he had a rusty old straight cowl and running gear for 1929 – 1931 Model A & 1908 – 1927 Model T cars just waiting for a brand new body?  You know, like the ones stacked in the corner of the farmhouse barn. What if we could manufacture them?  What if people would buy them?  Let’s build one for my T and see where it leads!  So it began. 

Through the years Kenneth and Carl went through some ups and downs as any small business owners who are also family members can attest to.  Well, as Ford himself could confirm if he were alive today to chat with us about his own family business experiences.  Wouldn’t that be interesting?  A chat with Mr. Ford while munching Emme’s cookies and sipping War Vets’ coffee with members of the AACA Chautauqua Region at one of the monthly meetings!  Okay, so that is not going to happen.  Where was I?  Oh yeah!  Father and son (Kenneth and Carl) worked side by side; taking the wooden shapes they formed with dedication and a respect for past auto pioneers and moved them to the varnishing room (which was no more than the dimly light basement of the old church that became PLEASANTVILLE MANUFACTURING COMPANY).

The last PLEASANTVILLE MANUFACTURING COMPANY projects Kenneth was working on before his death on October 9, 2001, was the 255-A and roll up windows for Model A’s.  In following with Kenneth’s vision, Company partner Adam Beck created the rollup windows which were debuted with much success at Hershey 2006.  Vendors and customers at Hershey 2007 found the 255-A amidst the Model A & Model T bodies in the PLEASANTVILLE trailer.

In 2009 our newest body, the Model A Huskster, made its successful debut at Hershey where it was met with a great deal of enthusiasm. Click here for more information on our 1929-1931 Model-A Station Wagon.

Today, Carl, Adam and Keith do the manufacturing of the wood bodies; Carl and Ruth manage the many other aspects of PLEASANTVILLE (orders; advertising; machine and shop maintenance; stocking supplies; etc.); and Mildred (Milly) and Nancy support the Company in whatever ways they are needed to.  

A Pleasantville legacy continues and grows; Kenneth would be pleased.

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