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1929-Model-A 150A

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Model A &T Woody Wagon Bodies

Our Model A Woody Wagons are copied from an original that Henry Ford manufactured. The 150-A and 150-B bodies are priced at $6,000. The 255-A is priced at $8,500 and has roll-up windows.

All the framing in our Model A is hard maple with basswood roof slats and maple floor frame with red oak floor boards, as original.

The Model A body comes in 5 component parts, all assembled. The roof section is completely put together; the floor section is also completely put together with the floor boards screwed down. The two side panels (rear), the four doors and the tailgate are also completely assembled.

The two side section's paneling, the four doors paneling and the tailgate's paneling is 1/2 clear birch plywood, good on both sides.

The freight and crating is not included in the price of the body.

The body comes already sanded and ready to varnish.

A cowl from any straight windshield production body may be used with our bodies.

We also have most of the metal parts needed to assemble a Model A Ford station Wagon.

There has been several National Firsts with our bodies.

We also build 1909-1927 Model T Depot Hack bodies starting at $2,400.

See us at Hershey at GDH 1-2-3. You can see our Model T & Model A bodies on display and you can pick up your order in Hershey if this is convenient for you.

To place your order for wood bodies, contact Co-Owners, Carl Steenburn or Ruth Steenburn at or by calling 716-753-2238.

Phone: 716-753-2238